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Name:The Last Remnant fandom community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fanworks and discussion for The Last Remnant

This community is dedicated to The Last Remnant, a (seriously underappreciated!) Square-Enix RPG for the Xbox 360 and PC. We welcome discussion posts, fanfic, fanart, icons, recs, vids, cosplay photos, and probably other things as well!

A few quick rules:

- Please be respectful to other participants in the community: no character or pairing bashing, no flaming, no abusive behavior. Don't be a douche!

- Please use cut tags when you're posting fic, large images, or big batches (more than five or six) of icons.

- Please clearly label your fanworks! This is for your benefit as much as everyone else's -- it lets people know why they should be interested in your stuff. Suggested headers include:
Warnings (please do warn if your work has potentially triggering content, or else note that you choose not to use warnings)
Summary/teaser/thumbnail image

- Please label posts with spoilers, and please try to make sure that the spoiler warnings aren't too spoilery themselves! "Spoilers through the Nest of Eagles," for example, or "Spoilers through the end of disc one."
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